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21st January each year

All through January

National Hugging Day

Eat healthier & have a Cwtch!

Recycle Month

Adopted from an American celebration. encourage people to eat 5 portions of fruit/veg a day along with a 20 second hug.

Recycle Christmas Cards & other stuff

Hugging is a wonderful tonic. A hug makes your body produce more oxytocin which is a feel good hormone. Research shows that a 20 second hug makes a difference between how happy and relaxed we are. We all know the benefits of eating fruit & veg in terms of vitamins, energy, weight control, heart function and general well-being.

Reduce Waste!


1st week of every year

Towards the end of the month

UNICEF Day of Change

Fair Trade Fortnight


Encourage Learners to visit online shop an d donations can help

Look out for the Fair Trade Logo and make a more conscious effort to make this our preferred choice of product.

Every day in Mozambique about 400 children under the age of 5 die, mainly of preventable causes. 1 in 2 children lack safe drinking water and round 1 in 3 girls do not get a chance to attend primary school. UNICEF is changing children’s lives but needs YOUR help to do more.

Buying goods with the Fair Trade mark on ensures that the producers of the products get a fair deal. This means they get a fair price which leads to better working conditions and the sustainability of the product.



 March cont....

8th March 2013

21st Every Year

22nd Every Year

23rd March 2013


St. David’s Day - Celebrating the patron saint of Wales – Wythnos Cymreag at Learn-Kit. See our web-site for further details near the date

International Women’s Day


United Nations (UN) International Day for the Elimination of racial Discrimination

World Water Day

Earth Hour

A celebration of all things Welsh.

Go Red – wear the national colour, enjoy some Welsh food, join in with our Welsh language quiz and get ready for lots daffodils!!

Encourage Learners to get together to transform the lives of women living in poverty around the world.

Racism can lead to conflict in extreme cases be aware of the need to live in harmony and not to judge people on their beliefs, culture or appearance.

Be aware & sign a petition to end Water Poverty

Be aware and join in with the rest of the world to Sign up and switch off!

Everybody is doing it and having fun for one hour in the candlelight!

This is an annual celebration of our cultural heritage and the fact that we live, work and learn in this beautiful land.

We have a high percentage of women Learners in Learn-Kit. To promote peace and help others less fortunate than ourselves.  Oxfam works in war torn countries where women need our help.

This day aims to raise awareness of these issues and to recall the plight of the victims who suffered or continue to suffer as a result of racism-related conflicts.

Welsh Water (Dwr Cymru) supports WaterAid & raise money for them. WaterAid works in areas where there is a lack of water and poor sanitation.

This is a global statement to world leaders to take action on climate change. WWF seeks to protect the environment not just in terms of animals and their habitat but sustainability of earth’s resources.


7th 2013

World Health Day



Be aware of your own health and learn about how to promote healthy living.

Take part in Fruity Fridays!

Organised through the United Nations, the day aims to promote better health awareness across the world.


Towards the middle & into June

17th  2013

National Smile Month

We also use this month to promote the work of the charity Smile Train – see

International day against homophobia

Take part in work-based and centre activities to promote better health care.

Be aware, take part in fund raising and donate.

Raise awareness of the need for equality

Promoted by the British Dental Health Foundation – this initiative runs each year in order to encourage people to brush their teeth, cut down on sugary drinks and snacks and visit their dentist on a regular basis.

Changing the world with one smile at a time. The charity works with children born with cleft palates in various developing countries. Many of the children have been rejected by both their parents and society. The highly successful operation to change a little person’s life costs  around $250

 The day aims to tackle prejudice and discrimination and promote the rights of lesbian and gay people.

June/ July

Great Big Learning Day

An annual staff development day for Learn-Kit, based on a theme and designed to promote and enhance learning.

To provide better learning programmes that enhance team working.


8th   2013


22nd every year



To be advised

International Literacy Day



World Car Free Day



Sarah’s Walk –  in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind

Learners can brush up on their Literacy skills with our pack Look up the United Nations site with regard to world literacy.

Leave the car at home, or at the park and Ride, bus/train it or car share, cycle or walk!

Join staff, ex-colleagues and Sarah’s parents for a 3 mile walk along Oystermouth Rd.  – bring your dog!

Lessons learnt over recent decades show that meeting the goal of universal literacy calls not only for more effective efforts but also for renewed political will and for doing things differently at all levels - locally, nationally and internationally.

It’s about reducing our “carbon footprint and makes one small step in the right direction.

To remember Sarah who was our “Trainee of the year” in 1997 and raise money for her favourite charity.

(Sarah died in 2007)


17th – 24th

One World Week

Be aware by visiting their web-site and finding out how you could be involved.

One World Week is a Development Education Charity.  Each year, "The Week" is an opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn about global justice, to spread that learning and to use it to take action for justice locally and globally.


10th November 2013

16th Nov 2013

22nd November 2013

Remembrance Sunday

International Day of Tolerance

BBC Children in Need

Wear your poppy with pride!

Awareness of this UN led day


Bring money to buy a chocolate for Pudsey (but you get to eat it!)

To pay respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice – gave their lives for their country and to preserve freedoms we all take for granted.

Building tolerance and understanding is fundamental for the twenty-first century. In an increasingly globalized world – in which societies are growing more diverse – tolerance is central to living together.

A national annual event – millions watch it on telly and it raises millions for needy children everywhere.


All month

3rd 2013

Ty Hafan  Children’s Hospice – Learn-Kit’s adopted charity

International Day for persons with disabilities

We make a donation in lieu of Christmas Cards within the office – please feel free to contribute.


Learn-Kit now sends on-line Christmas cards and newsletters.

To support this very important


The Apprenticeship, Traineeship and Jobs Growth Wales Programmes. Led by the Welsh Government, are supported by teh European Social Fund

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