Dental Receptionist Programme (DRP)

DRP has now been updated using modern learning styles to encourage reflective study. The programme is the start of an ongoing programme of structured learning for all dental receptionists, irrespective of their experience.

The programme offered by Learn-Kit Ltd is a distance learning programme, which allows receptionists to work at their own pace and at a time convenient to themselves and the practice. Each learner requires their own set of material so that they can work through the programme at their own pace with the support of a work based mentor.

The DRP programme promotes confidence and a sense of responsibility so that receptionists can play a full part in the team.  It helps to create a friendly, efficient environment for patients and makes staff aware of the dentist's professional ethics and responsibilities for patient care, it also shows how the principles of creative service and marketing opportunity can benefit the practice.

The benefits of the DRP programme to the practice are:

  • an atmosphere of friendly efficiency so that patients are put at ease
  • improvements in all administrative procedures to ensure greater efficiency and financial effectiveness
  • greater awareness of the importance of confidentiality
  • enhanced confidence in the accurate collection of information and use of information technology
  • learning completed at a time convenient to the practice.

The benefits of the DRP programme to the learner are:

  • an opportunity to improve their personal effectiveness in their jobs
  • a better understanding of their role in the team and how they contribute to its efficiency
  • confidence in dealing effectively and sympathetically with distressed and difficult patients and those with special needs
  • course work and textbooks to use for future reference
  • a certificate which is respected and recognised nationally. 

    For further information please contact:

Rachel Jarrett (Senior Training Officer/Development Officer) or Tel: 01792 651612




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